When you think of the 21st century, what comes to mind? Some will say blazing fast internet or cell phones that do anything or everything. When I think about the 21st century two words flash in front of my eyes. Web presence. In today’s age if you want to find information about something, you look to the internet. Dictionaries are a thing of the past. That being said, Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Barstow Amateur Radio club website.

I know… I know… it seems overwhelming. There are a ton of new features on this site, but that’s why i’m here. Lets talk about what you can expect in this site.

_twrBARCFirst and foremost, the logo. The image at the top right hand corner of the site is not the logo, although it may look like it. The image at the top considered a banner. The logo is at the top of this paragraph.

Second, the home page. The home page is the page where you found this article. It is the first page that you see when you go to WA6TST.org. The homepage contains articles,  a contact us form, and a list of upcoming events. Some examples of articles found on the front page are pressing news or events relating to the club, or articles offering our congratulations to new hams.

The links at the top all lead to different pages on the website. You can find information on the club, including membership information, and the club’s history. You will find repeater information, including a list of local repeaters (provided by Repeaterbook.com). The “Become a Ham” menu contains information on VE Testing, and classes available to amateur radio operators (future and present). The “Route 66 On The Air” menu contains the history of the event, results, and QSL information for participants.

The photo gallery is a repository for anyone wanting to show off their shack, QSL cards, and where the club can post pictures of events.

We are planning on adding a PayPal button, so that club members can pay their bills online. That should be added shortly.

Anyways, we gotta get back to work. There are allot of things to do and little time to do it. We would like to hear your comments or suggestions on how we are doing, and how we can improve.



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