Well, the biggest annual event in Amateur Radio is over for the year, and man was it a blast! Don’t get me wrong, several days of low (if any) sunspot numbers and minuscule Solar Flux Indexes defiantly made us work for it, but aside from that, we were able to make our presence known on the bands. I do have some good news. Jock forgot the smoke generator, ergo, no one went half batty thinking that their equipment was on fire!

Before we get to the results, the Barstow Amateur Radio club would like to extend our thanks to our friends at Diamond Pacific Tool Corporation for allowing us to host the event in their building. Lets get to it shall we?

The participants at field day were able to make a total of 154 QSO’s during the 24 hour period. Of the 154, 20 were CW, and the rest were voice. Our total claimed score was 308. Leo Spatziani, WA6MTZ, has submitted the scores to the ARRL, and we will have to wait and see where we were compared with others in our class.

We were also able to claim bonus points because the event was held at a public location, we informed the ARRL of our location, and because the Mayor of Barstow, Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre, stopped by.

All in all, we consider this field day a success. We would like to thank all of the the attendees; Leo WA6MTZ and Jim KK6UHN for cooking the amazing BBQ dinner; the Mayor of Barstow, Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre; The folks at the Diamond Pacific Tool Corporation; and all of our XYL’s for letting us stay out late. We appreciate the time and effort that all have put into making this such a successful event, so again, thank you. We look forward to seeing you for the Route 66 On The Air event in September.



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