Members and friends,

Some of us are getting up there in years, and we can’t quite get around like we used to. Some of us may just live too far away to make it to the meetings regularly. Whatever the case, we hope to provide a huge service to those wishing to stay current, by accepting annual dues online.

I know that some of us are very leery about what we do on the internet, and rightfully so, but that is why we used PayPal. Not only is it the easiest eCommerce system to setup for our workload, but every transaction takes place on their secure website. The Barstow Amateur Radio club will never see your personal information.

Also, before you guys get together and riot the clubhouse, we did NOT raise the dues at the last meeting. PayPal charges a 2.9%+$0.30 fee to every transaction for the convenience of paying from your lazy boy.  So again, please don’t pull out your picket signs from the 60’s and “come on down” like the “Price is Right”, because the price is pretty spot on compared to many of the other eCommerce platforms out there.

So how you do get there? If you look at the top menu bar of the page, you will find a menu labeled “Club Information”. If you hover your mouse on top of that, you will see a sub-menu entitled “Membership”, click on that link. You will find the payment options towards the bottom of that page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us using the forum on the right hand side of this article. This site is monitored constantly, and someone will get back to you shortly.



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