The Barstow Amateur Radio club, or B.A.R.C, was the brain child of Helmut Mecke W6ZGC and his wife Irene WB6GUT in 1956. The meetings were said to be held in their garage. We have been affiliated with the ARRL since 1957, and last year we became an accredited “ARRL Special Service Club”. The B.A.R.C. has strived to help the community in every way possible since its inception.

In 1970, members of the B.A.R.C., helped a young man who was paralyzed from the neck down, to discover his passion in Amateur Radio. The members banded together and came up with a way for Otho Jarman (WB6KYM) to operate his radio and antenna rotator using different parts of his face. Otho was also able to communicate using CW at 35 WPM by blowing air into a straw! Also, in 1983, the B.A.R.C., received recognition for helping the Barstow Police Department locate a 6 year old child who had been kidnapped.

Today, members of the Barstow Amateur radio club stand ready to help the community as active members of the Barstow Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T). Participants in the CERT program are trained to provide aid in disasters whether man-made or natural.

Serving the community, while important, is not the only mission of the club. The Barstow Amateur Radio club works hard and plays hard. We enjoy our field days and special events, and we work to advance the hobby through classes and VE testing.

Membership to our club is available to all. Regardless whether or not you currently have a license, are thinking about becoming a Ham, or just want to spend time with good people, you are welcome to join. Click here for details on membership, and to download the application.

We look forward to meeting you,