Club Meetings

Any amateur radio club worth its weight in salt holds regular meetings and Barstow Amateur Radio Club is no exception. We hold our club meetings on the second Tuesday of every month with few exceptions. Our meetings start at 7:30 Pm local and generally last about an hour. The club meets to discuss club business, cast votes on items relating to the club, acknowledge member achievements, gather reports from the maintenance personnel regarding Repeater functionality, enjoy refreshments and comradery, and some lucky winner will sometimes walk away with a little cash from our half pot drawing.

Check the BARC events calendar, on the home page, to verify the meeting time and place as it is subject to change. Generally the meetings are held in Lenwood at 25647 West Main.

Information Nets

What good is an Amateur Radio club without nets? The Barstow Amateur Radio club holds an information net every Tuesday, with an exception of the 2nd Tuesday as that is reserved for the club meeting. Our nets begin with news relating to the club, then a recording from the latest ARNewsline is transmitted for all to hear, and roll is called. Members are encouraged to check-in to the net whenever able, as the net may contain any pressing information concerning the club. The net starts at 7:00 Pm local, and is accessible from anywhere within range of our linked repeater system. You can participate on the following frequencies:

147.180+ PL151.4
147.885- PL151.4