Helping people to get in to amateur radio has always been a big part of the hobby, and the Barstow Amateur Radio club carries this tradition on to the 21st century. Our club regularly offers classes for anyone wanting to get their Amateur Radio Technician license.

Our instructor, Jock Soutar (KC6IIH), has 5 years of experience bringing new hams into the hobby, and is an appointed instructor through the ARRL. The appointment allows him to stock the training materials, and offer them to students for $15.00 a piece.

The classes are typically scheduled through 4 consecutive Saturdays. During the first three days the students are given instruction covering everything that they need to be a competent amateur radio operator, and the fourth day is reserved for the exam.

Contact Jock Soutar (KC6IIH) at 760-252-5596 for more information on the technician classes that we offer. When one is scheduled you will be able to find it on the upcoming events calendar here.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!