The Barstow Amateur Radio club typically uses four repeaters. Two of which are linked most of the time, one is linked for some special events, and one is stand-alone local repeater. The tower sites were graciously provided by Phil Angell (KC6SMO , Owner of Platronics 2 Way) and Tom Craig  (KD6TNL). Without the generosity of these two dedicated amateur radio enthusiasts, we would not be able to provide the coverage that we can now.

Anyone who has been a ham for longer then a day can imagine the effort that goes into maintaining a repeater. Between periodic antenna maintenance and countless hours spent searching for the cause for “that !@#$ QRM”, our maintenance crew is kept pretty busy. Norm Odette (K6UO) and Leo Spatziani (WA6MTZ) are indispensable assets to our team. The Barstow Amateur Radio club could not of asked for a better maintenance crew.

The Linked System – 147.180+ PL 151.4, 147.885- PL 151.4, 146.700- PL 151.4

Talk about range! The linked system’s coverage extends approximately 4,999 square miles. Below is a map of the locations that have been tested with a satisfactory result.

Flash II0001coveragerodman0001coverage


The Local Repeater

The 146.970 repeater is located near the top of H street, and offers great coverage all around Barstow.

What are you waiting for? Pick a repeater and throw your call out there, I will bet that someone will play catch with ya!